Does Right Understanding helps you build relationships?

Since u become more self-sufficient, u might not feel the NEED to have a relationship, so u might not start a relationship.

However, if you are already in a relationship where you feel you have the responsibility towards it, you would be MUCH BETTER IN RELATIONSHIP than a person not having the right understanding. Reasons are many fold.

  • Right understanding leads to your peace of mind, happiness, joy, etc, which will allow you to give all this to your relative (because unless you are happy, you cant make other person happy).
  • Right understanding leads to contentment and moral qualities within you which is very imp for a good relationship.
  • Right understanding leads to wisdom. You realise the concept of “Not self”. This will help you become one with everyone around you i.e. reduce your selfish/self-centred attitude which will be replaced with generosity and loving kindness towards your relative. You will feel no/less anger towards them.
  • You will have lot more patience and clarity of mind to forgive the mistakes of other person knowing that he/she is acting out of his/her conditioning. You will have compassion instead.
  • And many more (because you develop so many qualities, each aiding one another and hence the healthy relationship).