Difficult to tame the mind?

Your realisation/insight into the nature of mind as being difficult to tame is important to vipassana insight (so dont get frustrated or worry when the mind can't be tamed - in fact it is important to notice this nature of mind).

Once, you accept this nature of mind,
  • you stop controlling the mind (because controlling the mind is out of ignorance).
  • and when the mind does get distracted, you are likely to have disinterest/dispassion about it or even averse to getting involved with it at all.

Important thing to do -
While you can't control the mind, YOU DO CREATE THE MIND through repeated actions and habits. Every moment you have a choice to make - if you choose the same thing again and again, it will develop a habit in the mind (and that's exactly what you have done in the past because of which mind is out of control)
eg: when problem arise, mind begins to produce associated thoughts/ideas/plans/goals/dreams according to your previous conditioning.
So, instead of trying it to tame it, you have to change the habits - you have to start acting in different ways.

Don't allow the mind to keep thinking the way it wants to. More>>

Don't allow the mind to keep following the previous patterns of thought. More>>

Don't make things more of what they are. Don't see/label "simple set of experiences" as problem/issue/conflict/obstacle or even as an entity. For example: seeing pain, greed, hatred as just what they are, and not as something wrong happening to us.

When you see the mind doing one of the above, simply bring it back to the present
moment to moment experience (stay within 4 foundations of mindfulness). More>>

-"Inability to tame the mind" by Venerable Yuttadhammo; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5VCvVs_tpE
-"Dhammapada Verse 37: Subdue the Wild Mind" YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HNmXjZhkmI