Daily Contemplation

  • I am of the nature to Age
  • I am of the nature to Sicken
  • I am of the nature to Die
  • All that is Mine/Beloved/Pleasing will be Separated from me
  • Law of Kamma (I am born of it / supported by it / owner of it / heir of it)

General Contemplation

  • Value of Time: Death can get us anytime, while - walking, standing, sitting, sleeping.
  • Value of Time: The days & nights are passing by; how well am I spending my time?
  • Life/Difficulties/Problems - that's the way it is
  • Difficulties/Challenges - help me grow
  • Happiness/Sadness - The places we look for happiness are the very places that lead to sadness. Still we return to these places because that's the only type of happiness we are acquainted with. That's unfortunate.
  • Impermanence: Happiness/Suffering - "This too shall pass"
  • Impermanence: Everything is of the nature of breath (arise & fall)
  • It doesn't matter, let go
  • If you dislike/fear any sorrow, don't do any wrong
  • Best teacher/guide: Peace, Calm, Focus on aim
  • Only "I" have the power to stop my suffering
  • Be an island unto yourself
  • I am grateful to all that I have in my life
  • How much of our lives we waste pursuing/preventing change!
  • Each action of ours is to overcome unsatisfactoriness!
  • Everything that arises, ceases
  • Delusion exaggerates reality