Advantages of Generosity

     1.    Aids Meditation
a.     Creates more spaciousness in mind

b.    Attitude towards meditation – instead of “what am I getting out of this meditation”,it is “what can I give to the meditation practice (time, constant attention, effort, commitment, patience, persistence, etc)”.

c.     Large part of meditation is letting go (of distractions, unskilful thoughts, etc). If you are used to letting go of material things, it’s a lot easier to let go of mental attitudes (things you have held on to for so long that you think that you need them, but when you really look at them you find you don’t). In fact, you see that mostly they are unnecessary burden that causes suffering.

2.     Form of Noble Wealth – creates a sense of having “more than enough” (instead of sense of “never enough”)

3.     You create a confident & wide-open world (instead of narrow, confined, fearful world, where these is always a lack of this/that, or a fear that something is going to get taken away from you).

4.     Break barriers (between “I” & “rest”) and thus spreads happiness around

5.     Deeper happiness gained by giving to others (there isn’t sharp dichotomy between your own well-being and that of others).

6.     Good connections with people around
7.     Fortunate moment-to-moment 'rebirth'