Just Do It... without buying into your thoughts!

When the morning alarm used to go off, I used to lie in bed thinking whether to get up or not. The excuses and reasons I had were enough to goof up my plan to get up early. The real culprit were these vacillating and negotiating thoughts.

3 ways to overcome these are:
(1) If something is very important to you, include that in your routine because you don't have vacillating/negotiating thoughts over routine things (eg: brushing your teeth - do you have second thoughts about not brushing? Probably not. It’s just something you do.)

(2) When things are done as soon as certain trigger is produced, they become your second nature. Therefore, just do it without buying into your thoughts.
Some suggested beneficial things to do for example:
- When your alarm goes off
- Get up, without snoozing.
- When you sit for meditation
- Drop all the stories.
- Before you go to bed
- Evaluate your patterns (mind, speech, action) from the day and see if they fit well with your goal.
- When you go to bed
- Drop all the stories.
(3) Be alert and mindful of each and every thought arising one after the other. Keep dropping each opposing thought and telling yourself - "It is not an option."