4 Types of Questions

Discernment or Dullness can be seen from the way:
         ·        we rise to an issue,
         ·        we apply reasoning,
         ·        we address a question

PanhaSutta, describes way of answering 4 types of questions. Questions that deserve:
       1.   a categorical answer (straightforwardly yes or no, this, that);
       2.   an analytical (qualified) answer (defining or redefining and qualifying the terms of the question);
       3.   a counter-question,
       4.   to be put aside.
Any one who knows which is which, in line with the Dhamma, is said to be skilled in the 4 types of questions.
The questioner on receiving the answer, should determine how far the answer should be interpreted. (The Buddha said that there are two types of people who misrepresent him: those who draw inferences from statements that shouldn’t have inferences drawn from them, and those who don’t draw inferences from those that should).

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