Best Way to Deal with Whatever

The most skilful way of dealing with this or that is dealing with it is in the present moment with present moment mindfulness. There is no point thinking about the aspects of past that we cant work with in the present moment. Similarly, there is no point in worrying about the future or the results. 

In order to be effective, our whole focus must be in the present moment. Right here and right now is where the action (karma) is done, which is going to shape the future. Future comes from what mind is doing at present, right here and right now.

This does not mean that contemplating about past or future is never helpful. For example, its often helpful to contemplate the cause and effect relationship of our past experiences, which enables us to learn from our mistakes and develop beneficial actions further. Similarly, we often need to make decisions and plan for the future in order to do something skilfully. 

However, whether its contemplating the past or the act of deciding or planning for future, it is all happening right in the present moment, and that is where the focus should be while contemplating, deciding or planning. We can work the best when we have present moment awareness.

Mindfulness of our intensions, motivations, thoughts, feeling, reactions to those feelings as the result of habitual patterns – working with all this in the present moment is the best way to deal with whatever.

Only when we can catch our biases, habitual unskilful thoughts and habitual reactions to the feelings in the present moment, can we spot our judgements based on emotional preferences and not react by making wrong decisions with wrong motivations.

Next is to develop wisdom in order to distinguish skilful from unskilful. Skilful is what is truely beneficial and leads to long-term happiness for ourselves.